About Us

Welcome to Adventure time Consulting.


What do we do.

We are based in Nevada with clients & team members all over the globe. We are a compassionate team of consultants with creative flair. We enjoy all our scope of work from performing business valuations to having your business listed on the stock market.

So whether you are looking to Franchise your current business or buy a franchise, we are your team to get you headed in the right direction. We provide a range of education that help people everywhere aim higher and fulfill their true potential. Once you become acquainted with our firm, you will look no further!

We enjoy helping people and companies all over America to financially succeed. We  help individuals by providing information, education and an opportunity to make a methodical approach to explore options.

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Who are we.

Adventure Time Consultant and owner, Carl E.Hull, is a our lead consultant, has been in business in the Reno Area for over 3 decades. We like to call him Coach. His reputation precedes him. He has been a small business owner in the financial industry for many years.  Adventure Time Consulting takes pride in developing honest business relations with clients to help you to achieve your goals quicker than our competitors and in the most cost effective way. His connections are around the world and can help you find simple cost effective solutions to your business needs.


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